May ’22


I don’t know if you’ve heard of the BBC’s radio short ‘Just One Thing – with Michael Moseley’.  In one episode he explores whether dancing is something we should do regularly to boost our health.  Something I’ve always thought so.

You can listen to it on BBC Sounds here:

Some of the findings are that it improves fitness, supports mental health, helps social connection and helps manage symptoms for Parkinson’s & dementia.  I have seen this in my sessions for The Memory Cafe.

Dancing is better than other types of exercise because it combines music, movement and social activity.  When you are dancing you are multi-tasking far more than with other activities.   This you well know; feet here with heels or toes; shoulders this way; head that way; arm here; all in time to the music!

One important thing they found was it doesn’t matter how good you are the best results are doing it for enjoyment.

Do have a listen as it proves what we have thought all along.

We had a wonderful time at Wollaton Hall last month.

It is an amazing place to dance with the added bonus of a walk across the roof on leaving.  I plan to have another dance there next year.

There is a Samba Workshop on Sunday 5th June at Mapperley (It is the end of the Jubilee extended Bank Holiday but hopefully you’ll still have time to join us).  The new Tango & Samba course starts on 8th June at Chilwell and 9th at Mapperley.  More details below. 

Samba Workshop

at Mapperley on
Sunday 5th June
starts at 2.00pm
sessions at
3.00pm, 4.00pm & 5.00pm

Next Course

Tango & Samba


Chilwell: Wednesday 8th June 2022
Mapperley: Thursday 9th June 2022
starts at 6.45pm
at 7.45pm 
at 8.30pm

“Dancing is creating a sculpture that is visible only for a moment.” 
― Erol Ozan

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